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The most powerful human platform to transform and uplift humankind is education. Humans have used it throughout their existence. The wellbeing of every individual in the world is important for humanity to be successful. A civilized nation has a system of government that has put in place policies good governance, equality, and wealth distribution, people are treated fairly with standards proposed by the United Nations, a culture of cordiality, positive social interactions, respect for each others’ respectable differences, and a justice system that is fair to all. A country is poor because of its large number of poor people who are lost because of unavailable or inadequate support systems and infrastructures for productivity and trade. For a country to be considered advanced, it must concentrate on developing its people in the low economic statuses and regions that are underdeveloped. All nations of the world are endowed with abundant resources that can be harnessed to develop its people and the nation. The human lifespan is short, and nations must target for everyone to live with dignity and contentment.

Imagine a world without poverty, starvation, unemployment, homelessness, and the lack of basic necessities. Human imagination brings forth reality. If the world were educated to be unselfish, the the leaders and the people will be generous, caring, and honest.

It is a sad situation that so many humans in so many countries are without birth certificates, identity cards, citizenship, civil rights, and protection from hate crimes. If the global community can target to achieve truly civilized nations, the world will be a better place for everyone. Let us not be self-centered or indifferent, but come together in unity to uplift every person. The farther we get, the better the world will be.

Nathan Chaisuriyantharn Anthony
Author of the book, Breaking Through Humanity
and CEO of Uplift Humanity Foundation

Our Mission

Breaking Through Humanity is for people of all walks of life, status, position, race, nationality, as well as governments, corporations, and non‐corporate organizations and the leaders. Humans have been living on this planet for many millennia and have advanced a great deal. Nonetheless, humankind has not changed much in the way it treats other human beings. There is a lack of socio‐spiritual refinement that blemishes the grandeur of humanity. Despite our intelligence and good deeds, human atrocities for economic advantage, superiority claims, domination, and ruthless subjugation of others remain rather inhumane and primitive. We seem driven by our pride, ego, selfishness, self‐centeredness, narrow nationalism, blinded patriotism, being right, and claiming supremacy that makes us ruthless towards others.

Breaking Through Humanity is a book that will break through the stereotypes, and help you to understand that no matter who you are, or where you come from, you deserve an education and to be a part of the magnificent planet we live on. This book shows you why education is so important, but it also shares how we can share the education with all people to better the world around us. We as people have learned to fight for resources and avoid sharing with all for the greater good.

Breaking Through Humanity gives you the big picture and explains the importance of sharing all we have on the earth to keep humanity moving forward instead of backwards. To better your life, you need to learn to better the world around you. To truly make the world great, we need to work together, and that is what this book wants to show us all!